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Start your barista adventure with the help of this coffee bar in Ghent

There is never a better time to start a new hobby than the present. So don’t wait any longer and begin a new adventure by making coffee like a real barista. The experts at WAY, also known as We Are Young, are excited to help you with this new step in your life. They have all the necessary tools that you need to get started in their online store. At their own coffee bar in Ghent they will explain everything you need to know about coffee.

Find the right machine to get started

Before buying the flavourful coffee for filter, you will first need the correct coffee machine. To taste the difference, you are welcome to stop by the coffee bar of WAY in Ghent. Afterwards, you can make an informed decision and buy one of the many Sage Espresso machines. A couple of options they have available in their webshop include:

  • Sage the Barista Touch
  • Sage the Dual Boiler
  • Sage the Barista Express Impress
  • Sage the Bambino Plus

Every machine has certain specifics that are all listed on the website of this coffee bar in Ghent. Besides the type of machine, you also get to choose between different colours. It is important to buy one that fits your style. Are you choosing the classic Black Truffel? Or do you want to experiment with a Sage Espresso machine in the colour Damson Blue? Thanks to their vast range it is all possible!

Find a workshop to learn the basics

When you are thinking of making your own coffee like a real barista, it might be a good idea to first follow a workshop. At WAY you can choose between different courses to get the hang of your new coffee machine. Be sure to contact them by sending an email to ask these specialists any questions you might have.